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Alex Krebs from Portland, Oregon is the best in the West. It's no secret; ask around!
Robin Thomas and Tine Herreman are excited to bring you workshops with Alex in NYC on Nocturne weekend October 21-22 (3rd Saturday). Alex will guest star at Nocturne on Saturday October 21.
Register early to reserve your spot and save; Alex's workshops usually sell out in advance.

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Today Saturday
1pm Technique I : space for leaders and followers
2.45 Musicality Practical Tools: space for couples, at least 1 follower wanted, more is better; leaders before showing up at the door ask me if additional followers registered
4.30 Milonga: space for couples and followers. Leaders, contact me before showing up unnanounced to see if we have enough followers

Tomorrow Sunday
1pm Technique II and 2.45 Sacadas and 4.30 Musicality Teasing
SPACE for couples in all workshops. Couples may show up at the door.
One additional follower needed for balance; more are welcome since we have helpers who lead and follow. If more followers step up, more leaders can join.
Leaders, either contact me for updates or bring your partner
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Saturday Oct 21
at Chelsea Studios 151 W 26 NYC, 6th fl

1-2.30 pm
Body Mechanics I for Leaders and Followers: Technique for Posture, Balance, Walk, Embrace and Connection
(intermediate & advanced)
Alex's most popular technique classes I and II (same time tomorrow).
Why is it so different to dance with one partner relative to another? Effortless with one, stiff and bumpy with another? The difference is in the underlying technique. Your smooth walk, comfy embrace and great balance add up to a vastly different experience for your partner.

2.45-4.15 pm
Musicality: Practical Tools for Being More Musical (intermediate & advanced)
Alex is famous for his insightful and tango-changing classes on musicality. A talented bandoneonist / band leader AND dance teacher, Alex will equip you with the musical awareness necessary to capitalize on the richness of the music to make your dance more  expressive, sensitive and engaging.

4.30-6 pm
Milonga Revisited  (intermediate & advanced)
One of Alex's most popular topics. Always different, and always full of Aha-moments.

Sunday Oct 22
at Chelsea Studios 151 W 26 NYC, 6th fl

1-2.30 pm
Body Mechanics II: Technique for Dissociation, Pivots, Ochos, and Giros (intermediate & advanced)
For twisty-snuggly smoothness in all rotational moves, dissociation and clean technique are absolutely key.

2.45-4.15 pm
Creative with Sacadas  (intermediate & advanced)
On today's crowded floors, sacadas endure as a creative way of diversifying your repertoire. The possibilities are endless!

4.30-6 pm
Musicality: Teasing the Music (intermediate & advanced)
Oh, do be a tease! Spice up your moves with these tips and tools by Alex, the musicality expert par excellence.

All workshops are 90 minutes.

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The workshop prices are the same as last year and the year before!

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Discount rules
All discounts are off the base price which is the cash at the door price.
Early bird online discounts:
Individuals: 12.5% off the individual cash at door price
Couples: 17% off the individual cash at door price
Students: 33% off the individual cash at door price
Discounts at the door
Couples: 10% off the individual cash at door price.
Students: 33% off the individual cash at door price

The couples discount is for a leader and follower registering for the same classes in one form with one payment, or one payment at the door. If you want to mix and match partners on the couples discount, use one form and settle up among yourselves. List your partners' names.

Students, the student discount cannot be combined with the couples discount. Sign up as individual students for the best deal. You will have to show your current full-time student ID from a real university, or pay the difference. Postdoc is not a student for this purpose, and part-time or continuing ed does not count.

A discount can be locked in only upon receipt of payment.

To partner or not to partner
No partner necessary, but you may prefer to team up with somebody you are compatible with, plus get a discount. If you are looking for a partner, rsvp "join" on Facebook, and look among who else is going, or post on the event page.
Alternatively, in the registration form you can request a partner suggestion/introduction. Tine will make partner suggestions to registered participants who request it. To be suggested as a partner to a registered participant before you register, you can email Tine. She will do her best based on information you provide or her acquaintance with your dancing. No obligation, no guarantees. Free personalized service!

Availability at the door
Check back on this website or on Facebook for updates before showing up without pre-registration. In previous years almost all the workshops were sold out in advance. Walk-ins accepted based on availability and gender balance. A reservation is confirmed only with payment.
At the door cash and credit cards are accepted. Thank you.

More info including parking, check here.
Chelsea Studios
151 W 26th St 6th fl
between 6 and 7 Avenue
New York, NY
Nocturne Appearance
Saturday: Nocturne Tango Salon, class 9pm, performance about midnight. Admission $15 includes class
At DanceSport 22 West 34th St NYC between 5 & 6 Ave

Sunday: El Destino, for socializing
at Solas 232 E 9th St NYC between 2 & 3 Ave

Alex Krebs workshops brought to you by Tine Herreman and Robin Thomas.