Pablo & Sofia

NYTC events

New York welcomes Pablo and Sofia from June 15 to 20, 2017
After their successful visit to NYC last November, we are excited to bring them back to you, this time on Nocturne weekend, and with an all-new workshop program to delight and entertain you.

Wednesday evening: straight from the airport, Meet and Greet at Tango Cafe.
Thursday:  Private lessons, use Registration form and then contact Tine
Friday:  Private lessons, use Registration form and then contact Tine
Saturday: Afternoon workshops, Nocturne Lesson and Performance
Sunday: Afternoon workshops, hang out & socialize at El Destino Milonga
Monday:  use Registration form and then contact Tine
Tuesday:  Private lessons, use Registration form and then contact Tine

Workshops on Sat and Sunday June 17-18

Registration click here

Chelsea Studios

151 West 26th St
6th floor
New York, NY

All workshops are for intermediate and advanced level.
90 minutes each workshop
No partner necessary, but you can request a partner matchup, and there is a couples discount.

Sat June 17
Changing the embrace.
How to build the yummiest embrace, and adapt it within the couple to  accommodate the partners' needs and the demands of the dance plan.

Giros and Rhythm. Play with changing the rhythm in both roles, and exploit new possibilities with structure and texture in turns.

Pauses and Embelishments. Do more with less! How to create space, and use it beautifully for styling and musicality.

Sun June 18

Milonga!  Add some Groove to the Move.
Rhythmical seasonings to add delicious flavor to your milonga.

Mixing changes of directions. Challenge your geometry with Pablo and Sofia's interesting take on changes of direction. Approved for use on any social floor, naturally.

Tango and expression. Go beyond the technique and explore different tango styles and textures. Find out the various ways of organizing your body and the dialogue with your partner to lively up your expression.

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Discount Rules
All discounts are off the base price which is the individual cash at the door price.
Early bird online discounts:
Individuals: 10% off the individual cash at door price
Couples: 15% off the individual cash at door price
Students: 33% off the individual cash at door price
Discounts at the door
Couples: 10% off the individual cash at door price.
Students: 33% off the individual cash at door price

Couples, the couples discount is for a leader and follower registering for the same classes in one form with one payment, or one payment at the door. If you want to mix and match partners on the couples discount, use one form and settle up among yourselves. List your partners' names.

Students, the student discount cannot be combined with the couples discount. Sign up as individual students for the best deal. You will have to show your current full-time student ID from a real university, or pay the difference. Postdoc is not a student for this purpose, and part-time or continuing ed does not count.

A discount can be locked in only upon receipt of payment.

Registration click here

To partner or not to partner
No partner necessary, but you may prefer to team up with somebody you are compatible with, plus get a discount. If you are looking for a partner, rsvp "join" on Facebook, and look among who else is going, or post on the event page.
Alternatively, in the registration form you can request a partner suggestion/introduction. Tine will make partner suggestions to registered participants who request it. To be suggested as a partner to a registered participant before you register, you can email Tine. She will do her best based on information you provide or her acquaintance with your dancing. No obligation, no guarantees. Free personalized service!

Availability at the door
Check back on this website or on Facebook for updates before showing up without pre-registration. In previous years almost all the workshops were sold out in advance. Walk-ins accepted based on availability and gender balance. A reservation is confirmed only with payment.
At the door cash and credit cards are accepted. Thank you.

More info including parking, check here.
Chelsea Studios
151 W 26 St 6th fl
between 6th and 7th Ave

Terms & conditions
Full refunds may be requested up to a week before the start of the workshops. A half refund may be requested up to 48 hours before the start of the workshop. No refunds are given less than 48 hours before, on the day itself or afterwards.
The classes will be conducted at the announced skill levels, and will not slow down to accommodate students who are less experienced than the announced level. If you are not sure you have the appropriate level, you will still find the class useful, but please bring your own partner and stick with them during the class.