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Alex Krebs has been teaching and performing Argentine Tango internationally since 1997. His clarity of concepts and technique is what makes his teaching stand out -- focusing on the ability to have strong technique, connection, and musicality and the ability to adapt to the person you are dancing with.
He has also been a musician his whole life, focusing on playing the bandoneón for the last 13 years and directing several tango orchestras and recording 6 albums, which gives him unique insight into the musical structure of tango.
Alex has partnered with many distinguished tangueras including Luciana Valle, Florencia Taccetti, and Silvina Valz, among others, and enjoys the rich diversity of styles and perspectives that tango has to offer.
Alex lives in Portland, OR with his young family, and runs the studio Tango Berretin. Be sure to visit when in Portland.

Videos of Alex:

Alex and Luciana Valle 
Alex and Evan Griffiths
Alex and Jennifer Olson
Alex and Jenna Rohrbacher

OPB video of Alex and the bandoneon